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Fast and reliable service, 5 stars. March 2016

“Desperately needed a new pair of stirrup leathers for my upcoming showjumping evnt. I needed them fairly quickly and was worried about the when they would arrive if I bought them online. I found worldwidetack and spoke to James over the phone and he assured me the stirrup leathers would arrive in time for my event at the weekend. The stirrup leathers came the next day! The service was exceptional!!

Kim x”

Biting advice and the correct bit! January 2016

“Recently had a lot of trouble with my 8 year old. He kept getting his tongue over the bit, resulting in a loss of control. Luckily I found Worldwide Tack online through Google and Stephen was excellent. I spoke to Stephen and he advised me on the issue. He suggested I tried the Bombers Bit Happy Tongue Loose Ring and the next day, I had the bit!

My horse finally took to the bit and hasn’t put his tongue over the bit since! Riding has become much easier and the horse looks a lot happier aswell! Can’t thank Stephen enough and would reccommend anyone who needs bitting advice to call him up!

Joyce – (Stoke-on-Trent) ”


“Hi, I would just like to say a huge thank you to Stephen from Bombers Bits for helping me with choosing the correct bit for my 3yr lightweight show cob (we are just in the process of breaking)

I was having terrible trouble with him not being happy in his mouth!! He kept getting his tongue over the bit every time pressure was applied on the bit, shaking his head, and wouldn’t want the bit in his mouth and constantly playing with his tongue/ crossing his jaw.  Putting the bit higher just made him cross and sore and believe me we tried lots of different bits, thick, thin, soft, straight, mouthing keys!!! I told Stephen all the issues we were having and he advised me to get the Happy Tongue with Fulmer sides.  When it arrived, it fitted correctly and so we didn’t have to go bigger in size, and he instantly ate in it which was a big relief!!

I rode him in it the day after and he is instantly more forwards and happy in his head his tongue now sits nicely and pretty still in his mouth; so far (touch wood) he has not got his tongue over the bit!!

I have enclosed some pictures so you can see it on him, and to me his face says it all!! He finally looks happy and comfortable.  Huge thank you Stephen from Kim and Ronnie x”


Bombers Bit – May 2016

“Hi,  I just wanted to write and say a big thank you to Stephen.   I was having trouble with my daughter’s 13hh SHP putting his tongue over the bit, it didn’t appear to be an evasion, more a discomfort.  After chatting to Stephen he recommended your Bombers Weymouth set and he managed to find one for me in a small size.  The bit seems to have relieved the pressure on our pony’s tongue and he has stopped putting his tongue over.

We are delighted to be able to report that he qualified for HOYS Search for a Star this weekend and he went beautifully in his new bit.  Thank you so much for your advice and superfast dispatch of your amazing bits.  Serena”

May 2014 – Sam Griffiths – WINNER of Badminton 2014

“Hi there, I am the groom of Sam Griffiths and thought you may like to hear this success story from us! Our owner Dinah Posford found your Bombers bits just before Badminton as for a while now we have struggled with Paulank Brockagh being sensative in the mouth and is always trying to get her tongue over the bit! Since using this bit we have had no more issues with her and she then went and did a PB at 4* at Badminton. She LOVES the bit and will be using it from now on in!”

Friday 12th August 2013

“Charlie’s Story. Charlie is a coloured 17hh Gypsy Cob x ID with conformational issues in his hind legs, he was bought as my only horse to do low level dressage and hacking. In September 2010 a week before our first dressage test he went lame. After a full lameness work up by a very experienced vet including full x rays and ultra sound scans was found to have suspensory ligament tears in his left hind and severe arthritis of the fetlock joint in both hind legs. The vets were sceptical of a full recovery due to the nature of the injury and his size and breed.

I was instructed to keep Charlie on box rest and immediately started looking for a joint supplement to ease the arthritis. In my vast search, I found Grand Meadows and then saw the Grand HA Synergy product. It immediately appealed to me due to the ligament injury Charlie had as it contained Collagen that may help to repair the ligament. I was sceptical but I had nothing to lose.

Charlie started the supplement at the end of September 2010. We followed the exercise programme to the letter, but he was not medicated by the vets whatsoever. By March 2011 Charlie was showing great progress and I was instructed to begin riding again and by June I was doing short schooling sessions.

On Tuesday 9/8/11 we had our final lameness work up and scans showing that the ligament has repaired to that of a “normal” horse. The vet commented with regards to the arthritis that “his injections have lasted for a long time haven’t they?” to which I responded that he hadn’t had any injections or medication of any kind. The vet was astounded!

Since Charlie has not been medicated in any other way I believe wholeheartedly his rapid and full recovery was due to the Grand HA Synergy supplement he has been having and the excellent rest and recuperation programme I was given by my vets.

We are attempting our first dressage test “take two” in 2 weeks time all due to the Grand HA Synergy supplement. Thank you so much for giving me my horse back….wish us luck!!

Mel Wiles and Charlie (East Yorkshire, UK)”

Wednesday 10th August 2013

“Just letting you know how impressed we are with your service, very prompt (quicker than ordering from a lot of places in our own country!)
We’ve ordered 4 items through you guys now and have been nothing but pleased with the product and service.

Thanks, Rebecca Dalrymple. New Zealand” Has bought Stephens Sheepskin Half-Pads

Monday 10th October 2013

“I came across the Bomber Bits online, searching for a bit for one of our polo ponies and emailed World Wide Tack for advice. The bits looked ideal as they are made specifically with polo/polocrosse in mind. I needed the bit made especially for us, as the pony has such a small mouth, and the team at World Wide tack couldn’t have been more helpful in ordering it for me. It arrived safe and sound from SA, fits perfectly and is just what we needed – I would highly recommend ordering from WWT, the team are helpful and service spot on!”    Diana Massey, England Bought a Twisted Wire Buster Roller Big Ring Gag for her Polo Pony.

“I use the bathing blade daily on each horse after work.  The gently spray makes bathing stress free, quick and effective – particularly with nervous youngsters, or the horses that hate water on their heads.  A messy job is now quick and easy and there is no more struggling with a sponge behind the ears!  I couldn’t be without it now – and an added bonus is it saves our metered water!”  Alex Peternell – Eventer

10th January 2013 – Zara – Bomber Bit purchased…

“I have had the Bomber Happy Tongue bit for a week now and I just cannot get over the improvement in that week.

My mare was extremely fussy in her mouth and resisted anything with a lozenge or peanut in her mouth to the point were she leaned so hard into the contact I had no control. She also would try to put her tongue over the bit and loll her tongue out the side of the mouth to avoid all contact. At times she would throw her head about so much I risked my nose.

With your help and fantastic advice I tried the bomber happy tongue loose ring eggbutt.

I now when tacking up do not have a horse with an outstretched neck, opening its mouth so wide in total resentment of the bit. I have a happy mare who takes the bridle and does not back off and content enough to wear a flash to teach her she does not have to evade the contact. This is now slowly being weaned off a hole at a time and I have no need for the martingale as she now rides into the contact soft and low, instead of hollowing her back and putting her head in the air.

Jumping is a delight as she is so soft in her mouth she is much calmer and content in a rhythm as readily accepts the contact.

No more leaning, pulled arms, flailing head and unhappy horse, I have a horse that is now willing to work and concentrating on me and not her mouth.

I am looking forward to what else is in store and definitely a convert to Bomber bits and cannot thank you enough for a fantastic service (even contacting me through the Christmas holidays) and swift delivery.

Kind Regards Zara.”



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