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Balance girths, studguard girths and beautiful girth sleeves – prices from £32.92!

September 18th, 2019

Let’s talk girths. You will have heard about ergonomic and balance girths – but have you seen the Stephens branded balance girth? It is made in England from best quality hide, in a standard width, with elastic at both ends.

Furthermore, it includes stainless steel fittings, plus rings and buckles for your martingale or training aid. Sizes 44″ – 56″ – Black or Havana leather available. It is beautifully shaped to give comfort around the elbow and girth area, and allow maximum freedom of movement – restriction here can reduce the equine’s stride and cause discomfort. Price – £83.80.


This product is of course brilliantly accompanied by our Stephens sheepskin girth sleeves.

Sheepskin Girth SleevesWhat an amazing price at £32.92! We are thrilled to bring these beautiful items to you at a competitive price.

These are tubular Australian sheepskin for added protection and comfort, in four sizes – natural, black and mocca colours are available.

You may also like our Stephens Studguard Girth…

This padded balance girth is equipped with stainless steel metalwork and is contoured to avoid the sensitive area behind the elbow.

The studguard girth protects the stomach area from any studs in the shoes that may connect with the belly when the horse jumps, potentially causing injury. Hence, this provides more comfort to the horse.

Studguard GirthIn addition, it includes a D-ring for training aids. Price is £147.30 – and you will pleased to know that it is Made in England.

Stephens still maintains it’s ‘Made in England’ status on 99% of its leatherwork. (Sizes 44″ and 56″ – Havana or Black leather available.)

The Stephens Studguard Girth goes well with our very own Stephens lambswool Sheepskin Studguard Girth Cover.

This is priced at £60.00. PICTURED BELOW.


Sheepskin Studguard Girth CoverIt boasts medicated Australian sheepskin for added comfort and protection to help prevent chafing.

One size only – natural, black and mocca colours available.


(Ideal for Xmas gifts too!)







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