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The Bombers Moulded Mullen Eggbutt

April 13th, 2020

A customer asked whether the Bombers Moulded Mullen Eggbutt would be suitable for her horse, a Connemara X Thoroughbred. (The mouthpiece of this bit has an internal, flexible stainless-steel cable core that has been injection moulded with a flexible, synthetic material – e.g. it is a non-metal bit.) The horse in question reportedly has a small mouth, and a large tongue.

Why is the horse chewing?

Anna explained that she has a Bombers Happy Tongue hanging cheek for flatwork, but that it’s not quite right for the horse, as he ‘sets’ his jaw a little. He does reportedly like synthetic bits, but does chew them. Anna wondered whether the Moulded Mullen may be suitable. Our first question was to consider why the horse was chewing; the correct positioning, size and bit fit can help stop this evasion.

(The Moulded Mullen has a great place in the toolbox of bit fitting, however shouldn’t necessarily the first choice of mouthpiece! Hence, when working with customers, it is useful to troubleshoot the horse in question, and work out whether any other bits like the Bombers Happy Tongue or Ported Barrel may be suitable.)

As Anna had tried the Happy Tongue, often our first port of call as a mouthpiece when we chat to owners, and as her horse likes synthetic bits, we went onto suggest the Moulded Mullen (pictured left); but suggested that Anna tries setting the bit lower in the horse’s mouth that perhaps she usually would, providing plenty of space between the bit and the molars. This is because it could be that the horse chews because the bit is too high in the mouth. (It is a balancing act however, as when you set a mouthpiece too low, the horse will adjust the bit upward, and it won’t be stable and still. We are therefore looking for a positioning where the bit, and therefore also the mouth, are still.)

The BD-legal Bombers Moulded Mullen Eggbutt has been uniquely shaped and flattened so it is angled at 45 degrees, for evenly-distributed pressure over and around the tongue. It should therefore accommodate Anna’s horse’s large tongue. As he is ‘fussy’, the eggbutt is recommended as it is a fixed cheek, so everything remains more still in the mouth. If a horse is fussy or is lacking in the confidence to stretch into the contact, an eggbutt can prove extremely beneficial.

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