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The hotly anticipated DC Morgan horse bits by Bombers Equestrian Equipment are on their way!

May 16th, 2018

The DC Morgan Bit from Bombers Equestrian Equipment (Bombers Bits) is designed to release as many pressure points as possible, creating a comfortable communication; although not (yet!) dressage legal in the UK they are ideal for all disciplines.

The Bombers DC Morgan Bit’s reins are attach to the large dee, which swings open independently of the bit’s cheekpiece.

The Mouthpiece is fixed to the cheekpiece with a solid surface area, to encourage flexion.

The key feature of the cheekpiece is the loose ring, which attaches to the bridle, and can also rotate, ensuring the poll and cheek area are relieved from rein engagement.



Samantha Mittermayer says – “I normally ride in an ultra comfy lock up loose ring snaffle. Today I tried the DC Morgan happy tongue titanium; wow, he went so well! Put the other bit back on to see the difference, he is much easier for me in the DC bit…”

(The pics shown here are the DC Morgan Narrow Tongue Straight and the Bombers Blue.)


When the new Bombers Bits stock arrives, we will show you the Bombers DC Morgan bits we have in stock! (FREE DELIVERY of these bits!)



*England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands