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Flair strips – ideal for hunting, eventing and any exertive equestrian activities

September 19th, 2021

Common in the Eventing world, and popular with anyone going hunting as Autumn and Winter approach, Flair Strips are vet-developed self-adhesive strips that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes at every level of competition. The clever strips reduce airway resistance and improve airflow when the horse needs oxygen most.

Real rider reviews – 

“Great product. They really help my horses out on the cross country when galloping. Getting more oxygen means better performance and less stress on their body.” LH.

“These make a small difference to my horse in the hot weather. He has more ‘petrol’ at the end of the course. He is very fit, but my view is that ten one percent increases are more achievable than one ten percent step. Besides they can do no harm. Would recommend giving them a try.” SM.

“First trial of this was good enough to make me want to try some more. My horse certainly had more beans, on the second half of BE100, than normal, and was ‘quieter’ breathing. It is certainly worth a go – all horses are different though.” S.

Flair Nasal StripsFlair Strips can provide benefits for all types of horses, including both those competing at top level and leisure horses exerting themselves.

Let’s take a look at the science behind the strips:

Unlike humans, horses can only breathe through their nose. During exercise when horses begin to breathe hard, the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter.

This reduction in diameter causes resistance to airflow into the lungs. The resistance in the nasal passages also causes increased negative pressures within the lung, subjecting the fragile capillary membranes deep in the lungs to the risk of leakage or rupture.

Flair Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages, the narrowest part of the upper airway, so horses breathe easier and perform at their best.

Flair Strips were developed by a team of veterinarians interested in protecting the respiratory health of hard-working horses.

The introduction of Flair Strips in 1999 created awareness that supporting the nasal passages could improve horses’ breathing and respiratory health. Significant University and private clinical research has shown that supporting the nasal passages improves air flow, allowing horses to breathe easier and resulting in: reduced fatigue; quickened recovery; reduced bleeding.

Flair Strips offer a drug-free, simple, cost effective tool for supporting the long-term respiratory health of all equine athletes that perform, in both training and competition!

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(Eventer Bubby Upton is pictured – pic by Adam Fanthorpe).


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