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Gel-Eze – Taking the Pressure Off!

August 15th, 2017


In the past, limited research had taken place to assess the forces applied, by the rider and the saddle,  to the horse’s back when ridden but in more recent times this issue has been highlighted by scientists and companies alike! Technology has advanced a great deal in the last twenty years, allowing the equestrian industry to develop some outstanding products and to study the equine sports horse in greater detail and research and development has always been high on the list of priorities for World Wide Tack. 

World Wide Tack’s Stephen Biddlecombe was convinced that an innovative gel product had a place in the equestrian marketplace to help protect horses’ backs and offer shock absorption. The Gel-Eze brand began its development in 1999 and launched three years later after significant research. It is now exported to over 35 countries worldwide!

As the range developed by Stephen has been expanded to include products that include strategically-placed cushions of gel helping saddle fit and balance as well as shock absorbing and protecting the horse’s back. This include such as a wither pad, rear riser, non slip pad and anatomically shaped gel pads to name but a few!


In addition as a trade leader in sheepskin saddle pads, so it was only a matter of time before the two products – gel and sheepskin – were blended! Stephen says… “We have very successfully combined the Gel Eze products with our range of Stephens Saddle pads. The pads are very popular with owners of big moving horses that do a lot of extension at the shoulder, as the Gel-Eze also stops lateral movement of the saddle, and the resulting pressure points.”

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