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“I believe this product is well worth getting” – Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle Pad

August 24th, 2020

Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle PadIt’s a best seller for a reason! Our Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle Pad, priced at just £40.90, has impact-absorption benefits and qualities as follows –

Superb impact absorption
Impact isn’t just about jumping forces; riding imparts forces in all disciplines and at all gaits. A study showed that the significantly highest load on the horse’s back is at sitting trot. Therefore, anyone training in flatwork should consider the forces applied to their horse’s back, and ensure the saddle is a suitable size and fit for the equine, and has been checked by a saddle fitter.

Reduces back and wither injuries
Chronic impact, e.g. caused by an unsuitable saddle or rider, can cause back pain and even injury. Remember that horses’ shapes change according to season and fitness. The use of a slimline gel pad can help provide extra protection and comfort.

Prevents saddle slipping
Another benefit of Gel-Eze is that it can prevent saddle slippage, especially when jumping! If this is an issue, check your own balance (e.g. make sure you have equal weight in both stirrups), and make sure you have good tension on your girth; many horses expand the chest when the girth is first tightened.

Perforated to allow air flow
In hot weather especially, it is important to have air-flow – with Gel-Eze, you have a quality product that is perforated evenly for this purpose.

Lightweight and discreet
Discreetness is especially helpful if you don’t want to showcase your saddle pad, for example when hunting. The Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle Pad is barely noticeable!

The product is also non toxic, washable, reusable and is environmentally friendly. Additionally, it can be cut to fit most types of saddle.

Here’s what Louise says:

“I had been looking for something to stop my girl’s saddle slipping, as that’s how I had a fall and lost my confidence, so I thought I’d take a gamble on this…

But I must say all seems well – the saddle now does not slip, and it gives her an extra comfort on her back too.

So I believe this product is well worth getting – I will get another one to have in stock😁.”


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