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Here’s what customers say of Bombers Bits –

July 11th, 2019

Here’s what customers say of Bombers Bits –

‘What their creator Bomber Nel has done for bitting, and (because of it), for the comfort of so many horses, is just incredible. I will not use any other bit, simply because with a Bombers Bit, I know the exceptionally high quality I will be getting, and the careful thought that has gone into every design! Favourite 2 bits for me: (keeping in mind that every horse is different and will go better in different bits) – the McHardy; a mouthpiece that has given me the best results with more difficult horses (I like either 3-ring or Pelham); and the Bomber Blue, in a Swivel...’
R Hampson

‘The Bombers happy tongue bits have literally changed my horse! He is a maxi cob with a big tongue and a small mouth, and these bits have finally given him something he will accept and is happy in…’
R Hodgson

‘It was recommended for my horse the Bombers Ultra comfy lock up eggbutt and it is amazing! he is 90% more relaxed! Thank you again!’
T Hribersek

Kimblewick Bomber Blue





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