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Have you seen our sale items? Grab a beautiful Stephens Sheepskin saddle pad for as little as £75.82

September 18th, 2019

The fantastic Gel-Eze Dressage Square, combining all the features of our best selling Dressage Square with the additional benefits of Gel-Eze, is now £132.30. This is the black square with the natural sheepskin.

Saddle Square Dressage half linedWe love this product – it has a smart, rolled front edge, and is half lined. The Stephens Sheepskin combines the therapeutic properties of treated, pure sheepskin with a cotton quilt backing – the additions of GEL-EZE comfort cushions make this a wonderful multi-tasking product.

If your horse is thin-skinned or you just want him to experience a little more comfort, the shock absorbing sections offer a really therapeutic feeling.

The gel-based comfort cushions are situated at the point of shoulder and beneath the cantle.

This ‘on sale’ Gel-Eze Dressage Square is available in Full Size Only.


Our Shaped Showing Numnah is also on sale at £75.82 – this numnah is fully lined with a rolled edge.

Shaped Showing Numnah.Uniquely, this show numnah differs from others as it does not have the sheepskin rolled edge at back, making it more discreet.

If you are looking for a show numnah, this product will be perfect. We know that our products are very long lasting, and are created with care. Pure sheepskin fleece is a lovely addition to a numnah and really does look smart – the rolled edge at the wither is really sumptuous.

You will be able to use this item for other riding activities too; the on-sale version is available in black only, meaning it is much easier to keep clean than its light-coloured counterparts! (Brown is pictured for illustrative purposes).

The famous Stephens Sheepskin combines the therapeutic properties of treated, pure sheepskin fleece with a cotton quilt backing. This ‘on sale’ Shaped Showing Numnah is available in S / M / L.



(Also great for Xmas gifts!)



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