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Horsey Christmas gifts from World Wide Tack; gorgeous Stephens Polo Boots, Weaver dog collars and MacWet Gloves – a horsey gift for everyone

November 16th, 2020

With Christmas looming and with easy quick delivery, now’s the time to browse our website for some thoughtful horsey gifts.

@PoloTimes showcases Stephens polo bootsPolo Times magazine recently conducted a round up of some of the industry’s most exclusive and sought after items, and included our gorgeous Stephens Polo Boots from the iconic Stephens Polo Leather range.

Hand made in Italy, these boots are indeed perfect for polo but in fact also perfect for anyone looking for a smart pair of riding boots that will look as as smart out of the saddle as in it!

Polo Times Stephens polo boots Priced at £650.00 there are two lengths to chose from, and 3 calf widths – something for every size!

Please state what size you want in the comments section when ordering, or drop us an email.

We also offer a ‘made to measure‘ service for a modest, additional £150.00 + Vat.

Please contact Stephen 0044 (0)1825 840 002 or

These gorgeous boots come packed in boxes, plus they will have cloth bags included to store the boots in.

They’re made fro Italian Havana leather to match the rest of our gorgeous Stephens Polo Leather range.


For the dog in your life, we stock a range of Weaver dog collars, including this lovely, Weaver Twin-Stud Black collar.   (Below left).

Designed for long lasting use for your canine friends, it’s a super-smart look for any dog who likes sartorial elegance but doesn’t want to go full on bling!

The dog collar comes in these sizes 17″, 21″, 23″, 25″. Priced from £17.10.

For the horse rider in your life the famous MacWet Gloves can’t be beaten.

‘All grip, no slip!’

That is the mission statement of these fantastic Aquatec, long mesh sports gloves.

Mac Wet GlovesGreat grip is crucial in a variety of equestrian disciplines including polo, eventing, showjumping, hunting and hacking, and in fact any autumn, spring and winter-based riding activity when wet hands can mean cold hands.

Even in the wettest conditions, MacWet gloves will give you 100% grip so your performance isn’t hindered.

They’re priced at £32.99 and will last and last! (Pictured left).

Newmarket Horse BlanketElsewhere on our fantastic horsey one-stop-shop website, you will find our iconic Newmarket Horse Blanket for traditional warmth.

Maybe your horse will be singing (to the tune of Baby It’s Cold Outside) a plea for one of these?

The temperature’s dropped – Mum, it’s cold outside.
I need more rugs! Mum, it’s cold outside.
A Newmarket blanket would be…
So very nice – just feel my ears! They’re just like ice.
Without my stripy wooly under-layer, I’ll worry.
Bring it quick to warm my rump – I’m in a hurry!
I warn you, I will pace the floor – listen to my horsey-roar!
I need a Newmarket blanket or I’ll scurry!
Santa’s coming mum, please hurry!

You will also find at a range of saddle pads that any self-respecting horse owner would be thrilled to receive as a Christmas gift…

Plus many grooming products, pieces of tack and not forgetting a range of Bomber bits that would be most welcome under any Christmas tree!

Whatever your horsey plans are this Christmas, you’re sure to find a range of items that would make a great Xmas gift for yourself, a loved one, your horse or your dog at

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