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Our MD Stephen Biddlecombe writes for Polo Times magazine, and here, recommends the Bombers Blue 3-ring

May 21st, 2019

May Polo Times magazine:

My 5 year old TB mare is constantly chewing and playing with her bit. She leans on it for leverage, and carries her head low most of the time. I currently play her in a single-jointed, big polo ring gag; she does not use her hindquarters well to stop, and tends to stop forward, and on the forehand. (Although that may be due to her young age). The main issue is her chomping on the bit and not focusing on the game. She is not a head shaker, unless there is extreme pressure used. I feel the Pelham is too harsh on her mouth, although it does pick up her head.


Polo Times magazine 2019 Your mare’s constant chewing could be because she doesn’t like metal. The fact that she is very low in front with a snaffle mouthpiece may indicate that she is resisting the bit; as a snaffle’s action is to ask the horse or pony to raise its head.

Our suggestion is a Bomber Blue mouth piece. I also recommend going to a 3 Ring instead of a Big Ring Gag. The Gag that you have lifts the bit in the horse’s mouth, and most horse’s will compensate for this by raising their head, and turning it to the side – usually slightly to the left. This sometimes causes them to lose balance, and shorten their stride, and you need your mare to gain balance, and presumably to develop stronger quarters.

The Bombers Blue 3 Ring is Ported for tongue relief, and is very light. A ‘ring cheek’ bit piece introduces poll pressure as well creating leverage on the mouthpiece, and the Bombers 3 Ring is our most popular version. The Bomber Blue material is non-metal – it’s made from a very smooth, rubber-nylon compound – which many sensitive ponies are happy with.

(Don’t forget to make sure your bridle is comfortable, and suited to the pony’s head conformation – our Stephen’s Polo Snaffle Bridle or the Stephen’s Rope Cavesson both work very well with the Bombers Bit range, and look very smart.)

Bombers Bits include hundreds of off the shelf bitting solutions, and customers can even design their own bespoke bit from a selection of mouth pieces, cheek pieces and widths, using a ‘design your own bit’ service. Bombers bits are made from blue sweet iron – the metal oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste in the horse’s mouth. This encourages salivation. Message our Facebook page – – or email me at to enter a prize draw to win a voucher towards the Bombers Bit of your choice.

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