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Our must-have, ‘hero product’ horse grooming items… Cowboy Magic ‘Green Spot Remover, Shower in a Bottle’ and Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout

December 6th, 2019


Don’t forget to purchase our must-have, ‘hero product’ grooming items this winter!

Cowboy Magic Green Spot RemoverCowboy Magic ‘Green Spot Remover, Shower in a Bottle’

This product is easy to use, and formulated to:

Remove manure and urine spots instantly.
Remove wet or dried sweat instantly.
Give those newly cleaned spots a high-shine after brushing.

It is concentrated: Greenspot Remover/Shower in a Bottle is made from very expensive, natural, non-sudsing cleaners derived from plants.
It works instantly: Breaks down foreign molecules and dissolves manure, urine, dirt, and sweat, melting them away.
It is a deep conditioner: We have added silk and panthenol to strengthen the hair and conditions the skin.
It creates a shine: The manufacturer has added shea butter to make it possible to brush up a shine after drying.

Instructions: It is important to use a damp towel to activate the ingredients. Follow up with a dry towel to pickup and absorb manure, dirt or sweat. It only takes a small amount: Spray on a small amount and massage it in and wipe it off. Repeat, working on small areas. Spray, massage in, wipe off, spray, massage in, wipe off.

TOP TIP – It works on people too: Greenspot Remover/Shower in a Bottle is great for campers and mountain bikers who want to clean up dirty, smelly bodies without using lots of water! The only water needed is to wet the towel to activate the ingredients that break down the sweat or dirt. Follow up with a dry towel to remove the sweat or dirt.

What do customers say?

Cowboy magic Greenspot Remover _ ideal for greys II“Good at removing grass stains from our grey ponies’ legs, and less stressful than a full on bath!”

“Does exactly what’s it says on the bottle; very pleased with this and would recommend it…”

“This is a really effective stain remover. Have used it for time and works well, but you do need to use it whenever stains appear. It does mean that you can always have a clean looking grey or coloured horse with a little effort.”

Top tip – try it on canines too!

“Perfect to clean my cocker who rolls in disgusting stuff…”

“Gets rid of all the nasty smelly things my 16 month old chocolate lab rolls in…”



Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout

Neutralises Yellow Stains and Brightens Hair of all Colours; Black, White, Chestnut, Bay Brown, Roan, Palomino.
Benefits: There are benefits for both horse and human. Shine In Yellowout takes yellow stains out of hair, and gives dull hair of every colour a more brilliant sheen. It leaves hair silky, shiny and smelling good.
Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage in until blue suds turn white.
Soak for two to five minutes, then rinse well before repeating, if necessary.
Permanent Stains: Nature can permanently stain hair colour. To determine if a stain is permanent or not, soak stained hair in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm to hot water for two to five minutes.
Re-apply Shine In Yellowout as per directions. If stain persists it may be permanent.
Continue to follow directions to minimise permanent yellow stain until hair can grow out.

What do customers say?

Shine In Yellowout - great for coloured horses‘Fab product! Got both my coloured horses’ white bits glistening! Worked great on their yellow tails too.
Leaves the coat soft and shiny without the need for an additional coat conditioner, great for showing. I think this product will last a long time as you don’t need much to get a good lather but I will definitely be buying some more when I need it!’

‘Pleased with the results; his mane is amazing, his tail needs another going over, but that’s to be expected; by show season I think his tail will match his mane. Excellent value for money.’



*England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands