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A solution for equine cribbing (crib biting)?

January 23rd, 2018

Equine cribbing (or crib biting) is a common vice or behaviour displayed by equines. The behaviour involves the horse or pony taking hold of an object, typically a fence, stable door or ledge of some kind with their teeth, gripping tightly whilst inhaling or sucking in air. The behaviour is then repeated many times and hence horse’s becoming known as a cribber.  (Windsucking is similar, although the horse may not grab on to an object with his teeth before sucking air in.)

The reason for cribbing (or crib biting) is not entirely conclusive, with some people saying it results from the equine suffering digestive upset and indigestion, whereas others claim it is caused by boredom, stress or merely a habitual pattern developing. Nonetheless, cribbing can be damaging for your horse’s health and to a degree, the health of other nearby horses.

If your horse or pony repetitively cribs, there’s the potential for him to damage his teeth, develop muscular tension in his neck and shoulders, and suffer from a digestive condition such as colic, from inhaling too much air. The Miracle Collar by Weaver and supplied by World Wide Tack provides the solution to stops cribbing humanely and effectively! (Priced £55.87).

The Miracle Collar provides horse owners the power to safely break the destructive cycle of cribbing with a handcrafted, weather-resistant harness which when correctly fitted, only applies pressure when your horse attempts to crib. The strong leather is gentle to the hair & coat and can be worn while eating, drinking, grazing or being ridden.

If your horse is a “cribber” why not find out more today. The safe, patented design is available in a range of sizes and sold through World Wide Tack. For more information visit the homepage.


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