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A Step in the Right Direction; Choosing your Stirrups Dependent on Discipline!

September 4th, 2017

Here at World Wide Tack we think we should pay your stirrup irons more attention! Do you give much thought? Maybe they came with your saddle… or you have simply changed your old irons onto a new saddle, with little thought for whether they suit the style and design of the saddle.

We think that the choice of stirrup should depend on your discipline. For example Dressage riders generally have a longer, straighter riding position, with a stirrup length that allows the back to become straighter in their posture. The rider’s knee should maintain a bend, as it needs to act as a shock absorber. Dressage riders tend to put more weight into the balls of their feet, as opposed to the heel and ankle – this is because in jumping, the ankle is more of an ‘anchor’, with a closer angle, while in dressage, the leg is longer and closer to the horse’s ‘barrel’.

The jump rider sits further towards the back of the saddle and keeps the legs in a more forward position, with shorter stirrups. A too-long stirrups may cause the rider to balance on the horse’s neck or reins.

A pleasure riders or an endurance riders often like wider stirrups, partly because they may rider in wider boots, but also as they often ride with a longer length, and need the stirrups to take more weight.

The Royal Rider Stirrups, available to purchase through World Wide Tack and epitomise equestrian technology and performance. The functional, fabulous stirrups are ideal for specialist disciplines where performance is everything! Widely used by top professional horse rider’s the Royal Rider Stirrups offer complete foot stability and improved lower leg position in the saddle.

Available in a variety of different styles the Royal Rider Stirrup selection from World Wide Tack has something to suit every rider and equine discipline.

Designed and made in Italy the Royal Rider Stirrups are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing controls offering lightweight stirrups with a wider foot bed offering rider’s improved balance and control in the saddle.

The fresh, technical and “sporty” design offers strength, quality and comfort but boasts technological advances such as progressive springs which allow the rider to obtain a higher comfort and providing sensitivity, stability and support when the rider’s weight is suspended in the stirrup.

The range of Royal Rider Stirrups uniquely offer cushioning mechanism integrated into the body of the stirrup allowing a structural level of flexibility and elasticity, whilst remaining secure. This promotes minimal pressure on the joints of the rider unlike conventional stirrups allowing them to remain comfortable in the saddle and protecting them from the physical wear and tear of regular horse riding.

Available in either standard shaped styles or the unique, exclusive design of offset side bars allowing the rider’s leg to sit straighter and provide a safe, “easy-out” feature.

The cheese grater style stirrup tread is ideal for winter when muddy and wet riding boots can slip in standard rubber stirrup treads!

Why not treat yourself to a pair?!


*England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands