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What’s new in the world of polo?

March 2nd, 2021

We’re all hopeful that polo can resume in something resembling its usual way soon. Currently (early March 2021), everyone (including amateurs), can take part in training with up to six persons.

Professionals can continue to play at any level, if they’re on an elite pathway programme (a new list that the HPA produced last year, to meet Covid rules)if this is on a competitive basis. (Competitive sport did resume last year, with some creative changes!)

Government and HPA Guidance remains that there are no spectators allowed at any polo games.

Nevertheless, many polo enthusiasts like ourselves are itching for the season-proper to commence. 2021 was certainly an unusual year for sport, no matter what your discipline or level of play… and we do miss the atmosphere of the big polo events, some of which our Stephens leatherware brand sponsors.

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Yerba Mate Amanda 1kg – Yerba Mate Amanda roja – with stems (con palos) – popular brand in South America. The tradition of drinking yerba mate is such an important part of the South American culture, specifically in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Additionally, it is also enjoyed in other South American countries. Typically, it is drunk from a natural gourd (a hollowed out fruit) used as a cup, and then sipped through a metal straw known as a bombilla that has a filtered end to separate the infusion from the yerba leaves.If it’s human finesse you’re after, we even stock Yerba Mate, a South American drink made from yerba leaves. It creates a natural and sustained energy boost, containing a moderate amount of caffeine, as well as theobromine and theophylline.

The infusion is thought to stimulate production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which helps regulate body movements, among other actions. It’s popular with many elite athletes including polo players.

a Professional Choice VenTec Equalizer GirthA lovely piece of tack that we recommend is the Professional Choice VenTech Equalizer Girth – it allows pressure to be evenly distributed to the billets, to ensure a secure fit.

It boasts ventilated materials including non-slip neoprene, which holds saddles in place without over tightening.

(Sizes 44-50”).

They’re actually great for any discipline, as an equalizing girth can balance out the pressure between the back and front of your saddle, for improved equine comfort.

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We very much look forward to seeing you at a tournament sometime soon!

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