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February 12th, 2018

Cherry Roller Spinner Pelham 55 Bomber Bit

The Cherry Roller Spinner Pelham 55 is a super bit from the Bombers range. It has attachments for two reins, one near the mouthpiece, and one at the end of the shank. In addition, these reins have similar action to the curb and bridoon reins in a double bridle.

Furthermore, some riders, not adept at handling two sets of reins, prefer to use rein connectors or roundings – these are stiff leather loops which connect from one ring to the other, on the bit shank. The rein is then attached to this rounding.

This Pelham (55) has the shortest shank (55 mm) out of our range; this will soften poll pressure and leverage on the mouthpiece and curb. There’s a curb chain and hook supplied with bit.

What do the rollers do?

The Cherry Rollers roll in the horse’s mouth, giving him something to play with and reducing the likelihood of the bit being held in the horse’s teeth. They are constructed tightly, so there is no chance of pinching. When pulling on the reins, the rollers allow the bit to move along the bars of the horse’s jaws, as opposed to rubbing.

What does the spinner do?

The spinner sits on top of the horse’s tongue’ and prevents the horse from putting its tongue over the bit.

The spinner is formed of two circular rings which adjoin to the bit itself, and sit on top of the horse or pony’s tongue. The point of the spinner mouthpiece is that this additional metal-work moves with the tongue to prevent the horse from putting his tongue over the bit, or rolling his tongue up behind the bit. ‘Balling’ the tongue up is a form of resistance that some horses and ponies can demonstrate. Press your own tongue back and upwards towards the roof of your mouth and imagine what effect this would have upon the action of a bit! Tongue balling or putting the tongue over the bit can prove a tricky habit to break, but by using a spinner bit, riders can stay soft with their hands, and when the horse or pony tries to pull its tongue up and back, it simply meets a barrier, and it can’t flip it over the bit. This works in a similar way to a bit with a high port.

Together with the blue sweet iron mouthpiece, which oxidises in the horse’s mouth to create a warm, sweet taste, the spinner mouthpiece bits from Bombers Bits encourages mouthing.

It also boosts salivation and acceptance of the bit.

The spinner is offered in a variety of styles that includes Loose Ring, Fulmer, 2.5 Ring and Gag formats, and Pelham.

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