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Bombers Bit Buster Roller Petros Williams


Buster Roller Petros Williams

The Buster Roller Petros Williams is constructed with a Williams cheekpiece, which allows for multiple rein positions. If connected to the main ring the bit acts as a loose ring. However, when connected to the bottom ring it promotes pole flexion by creating more positive poll pressure. The Williams cheekpiece helps to prevent drifting.

The Petros mouthpieces rotate preventing the horse taking hold of the bit. As a result, the mouthpiece is good for a horse that leans or tries to take hold of the bit.

The Buster Roller link in the middle is shortened to 40mm which increases bar and tongue pressure making the bit sharper than conventional link bits. The increased pressure on the bar will lift the head and the roller will increase pressure on the tongue bringing the chin in. Best suited for a horse with a low head carriage and which leans on the bit.

Product Code: BBBRPW




Buster Roller Petros Williams