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Bombers Blue Kimblewick


Bombers Bit Bombers Blue Kimblewick

The Bombers Blue Kimblewick is a unique bit, which produces amazing results for the majority of horses.

Furthermore, the bit is ported for tongue relief and very light, can be made with your choice of cheek piece.

As with the Pelham, the action of the Kimblewick is dependent upon the position of the riders’ hands.

If the hands are lowered prior to pressure being applied to the reins, the rein will slide about an inch and the bit will assume roughly a 45° angle in the mouth. Causing the mouthpiece to act in a downward and backward motion on the lower jaw. As a result, this is complemented by a downward pressure on the poll, giving the bit a lowering action.


Noteworthy, due to the nature of the material, it can easily be marked by teeth. Therefore, lifetime guarantee is not applicable to these bits if used.

Product Code: BBBBK




Kimblewick Bomber Blue