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Gel-Eze Non-Slip Pad


Gel-Eze Non-slip pad

Stephen’s Gel-Eze Non-slip pad is only 3 millimeter thick, incorporating trace lines so you can shape the pad.

The impact-absorption qualities of the gel are well known.

Placing this slimmer and grippier pad between the saddle and numnah prevents saddles slipping. Lightweight, discreet and can be cut along trace lines to fit your needs.

As a result, some of the qualities include:

  • Perforated to allow air flow
  • Lightweight and discreet
  • Prevents saddle slipping

Furthermore, GEL-EZE is non toxic, washable, reusable non-slip gel and is environmentally friendly.

Can fit most types of saddle as the non-slip pad can be cut and adjusted. Ideal for cob or round barrel horses whose saddles are prone to slipping when mounting or whilst riding.

One Size only.


Product Code: GELNSP