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Gel-Eze Wither Pad


Stephen’s Gel-Eze Wither Pad

The Gel-Eze Wither Pad is well known because of its impact-absorption qualities.

Perforating the pads allowing air-flow to reduce the over-heating that similar products generate.

The overall weight is less than half of some other pads.

Protects areas where damage could be caused by ill-fitting saddles.

The use of the pad in direct contact with the saddle offers superb non-slip qualities and can be cut to fit smaller sizes of saddles.

As a result, some other qualities include:

  • Superb impact absorption.
  • Reduces wither injuries.
  • Prevents saddle slipping
  • Perforated to allow air flow.
  • Lightweight and discreet

GEL-EZE is non toxic, washable, reusable and is environmentally friendly.

Lighter in weight than similar products and more compact, this pad is suitable for most types of saddles and equestrian activities.

Wither Pad can be easily cut to fit the majority of saddles.

Can also help prevent saddle slippage.

Product Code: GELWP
Gel-Eze Wither Pad
Gel-Eze wither pad