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Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves


Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves

The Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves offers a unique shield system through anatomically designed carbon fibre inserts covering the knuckle area and index finger. The exceptional properties of carbon fibre: high impact resistance and strength, provide superior protection against blows to the hand during play. Consequently, this gives the rider maximum protection.

Anatomically designed inserts and easy fit interior padding add comfort and provide total freedom of movement enabling a correct hand position. Ona Polo innovative “inverse closure mechanism” maximizes grip control. In addition, performance Air Mesh across knuckles and back of hand provides added impact protection. Reinforced thumb and index finger protect key stress area. A wide wrist strap offers extra support with an extended Velcro® closure for adjustment.

Air flow cool fine mesh inserts enhance breathability and fit. Pittards® unique surface Atomic texture leather optimises grip on contact surface for mallet control. WR100X water resistant technology, delivers superior wicking of moisture (perspiration) and humidity (environmental effects) for optimum efficiency and comfort. The WR100X treatment also enables the leather to breathe thus retaining its softness, suppleness and feel.

Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves are the ultimate concept in protection technology. As a result, these gloves are used by top professionals in Polo.

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Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves
Ona Poly Carbon Pro Gloves