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The latest British Dressage-legal, Bombers Bit: the DC Dressage Swivel; is this the horse industry’s ultimate bit?

November 8th, 2018

DC Dressage Happy TongueThe hotly anticipated DC Dressage Swivel bit by Bombers Equestrian Equipment is the latest bit from the range to gain approval for dressage from the sport’s British governing body, British Dressage (BD).

The Bombers DC range has swivelling elements designed to release as many pressure points within the equine’s mouth as possible, creating a comfortable communication. The bits are ideal for all disciplines.

The bit reins attach to the large dee-ring on the mouthpiece of the Bombers DC Dressage Swivel, which swings open independently of the bit’s cheekpieces.

DC Morgan Dressage


Further key features are the swivel mouthpiece, and the small, loose ring bridle attachment onto which the bridle’s cheekpiece affixes, which can rotate. This ensures the horse’s poll and cheek areas are relieved from rein engagement.


DC Dressage Bomber BlueBD has approved two bits: The DC Dressage Happy Tongue Swivel, (pictured top left, with the famous blue and gold-coloured hue); a sweet iron mouthpiece which is curved and ported for tongue relief.

And also the DC Dressage Bomber-Blue Swivel, (pictured left, with the solid blue colouring), made from a rubber-nylon compound, and also ported.


The swivel allows the mouthpiece to naturally adjust with the horse’s movements, maintaining a comfortable position.

We believe the DC swivel is the ultimate range for reducing equine mouth pressure!

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BD has ONLY approved the plain ‘dressage’ style of cheekpiece (the alternative version, known as the DC Morgan, BELOW LEFT, has extra rein loops, and is not dressage legal).

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