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Eventer and Bomber Bits ambassador Lucy Richards introduces herself and Wicklow Into Orbit

June 15th, 2021

LUCY RICHARDS “It has always been a dream to ride professionally and be selected for the Olympics, but I am also aware that it is very hard profession to get a foot into!” eventer Lucy Richards tells us. “Particularly when you don’t have a pot of gold at the bottom of your back garden!”

Lucy has a great passion for academics, in particular the sciences. “I am hoping to study Biochemistry at university whilst continuing with the youth eventing programme,” she explains. “This I have been told on many occasions seems crazy, but I believe if you want something enough, you will go and take it.

“I am hoping having done this, I will be able to have another job, should I need it to support my equestrian endeavours,” she adds.

Lucy’s top horse is currently 7-year-old Wicklow Into Orbit, aka Obie, who is by OBOS Quality, and is currently competing at 3* level.

“He was the youngest horse selected for the Junior European Development Squad for 2021, and is very talented in all three phases; though he has taken some time to come into it, being 17.3hh!” she continues.

“It is a great shame for him that British Eventing have decided not to take a team out to the Junior European Championships, as that was a major aim for him this year (2021),” Lucy explains.

“Now I look to establish him at 3* level, and take championship opportunities as they present themselves, in order to ready him for young rider selection next year. He currently ‘dressages’ in a Bombers loose ring ported barrel, which helps him hold himself in self carriage, and jumps in a Bombers happy tongue swales pelham, which I can make small adjustments in without having to pull him, which he doesn’t like!”

The Swales Pelham isn’t actually an ‘off the shelf’ bit for us at World Wide Tack but we can order it for clients. It is designed to give control specifically for strong horses that are inclined to lean down.

swales pelhamIt is often used in disciplines like jumping for faster work on an experienced horse that is ‘over enthusiastic’.

This is the only Pelham that removes poll pressure, as the cheeks are attached to the inner rings. That emphasis the action on the curb area, and exerts more pressure on the jaws causing the lifting action.

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