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Eventer and Bombers Bits partner Andrew Hoy tells Horse and Hound magazine about his competitive plans for 2021

July 28th, 2020

Andrew Hoy with John and Louise Ayre's Basmati.Leading Australian eventer and Bombers Bits partner Andrew Hoy ponders his plans for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

This week, Andrew told Horse & Hound magazine that new ride Creevagh Cooley has helped present his strongest chances yet of gaining an Olympic gold medal. “The [Olympic] postponement has been fantastic. I would like to think i have a good chance of a strong performance in Tokyo – my first goal is to put the selectors in a position where they can’t afford to leave me at home,” he told the magazine.

Andrew’s pre-Olympic plans for already-qualified rides Vassily and Bloom are not set in stone yet, but he knows he won’t be doing any five stars with them, instead planning to run the horses at both short and long four stars.

“If I have any horse that is going to Tokyo, it’s got to be able to be competitive – they have to be able to run and compete, and do what they’d normally do,” he told Bombers Bits, for an article on their impending new website. “Basmati has completed 50% of his Tokyo qualification, relatively new ride Creevagh Cooley also needs to qualify. “Her previous rider, Michael Jung, had qualified her for Tokyo, so I need to qualify her too; I am in discussion with her owners about particular events,” Andrew explains.

Andrew says that lockdown has emphasised an important lesson for him and his team – “You should never be in a rush with the horses,” he states.

Gold-standard horsemanship

In addition to being an Elite Rider with Bombers Bits, Andrew Hoy is a Technical Development Partner with the innovative South African brand. “Andrew is such a well-respected equestrian figure, so to have his support and involvement in the development of our pioneering bits is a wonderful accolade,” Bomber Nel, proprietor of Bombers Equestrian Equipment Ltd, explains.

“We’re proud to support his ethos of gold-standard horsemanship, which also applies to our own processes.”

“Bombers develops and produces bits meeting the highest scientific standard for horses; we know that a Bombers bit helps achieve enhanced communication and feel between horse and rider, incrementally helping to boost overall performance,” Andrew adds.


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