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Gel Eze – the original and best – showcasing the Stephens Gel-Eze Sheepskin Pad

March 17th, 2020

Gel-Eze Sheepskin PadThe Gel Eze range includes a selection of under-saddle pads, the original gel-based products to be launched into the equestrian market, as well as a range of equine leg wraps. The products are made from a high-grade polymer with secret additional ingredients that give Gel Eze its own unique ‘DNA’.

The fantastic Gel Eze material is non toxic, possesses the shock absorbing characteristics of a liquid, and can be placed directly on the horse’s back and onto the legs. The Under Bandage, when placed in a freezer, absorbs and retains enough of its temperature to be used as an excellent cold compress.

The manufacturing process also allows for perforation of the Gel Eze products, to encourage airflow and aid body cooling. The gel also boasts a UV filter, to protect the product from sun damage. The traditional saddle pads come in various weights and thicknesses – the thicker and heavier the gel, the more pressure and shock is absorbed.

UK distributors Equine Management cleverly combined the Gel Eze technology with their range of sheepskin Stephens saddle pads. A popular seller that combines the two materials is the Stephens Gel-Eze Sheepskin Pad; for this, our MD Stephen combined all the features of the best selling sheepskin half pad with the additional benefits of Gel-Eze. There are Gel-Eze comfort cushions on the shoulder and either side of the spine. As a result, it is comfortable for both the horse and rider. These pads are very popular with riders of big-moving horses that have a lot of extension at the shoulder when they jump, as the Gel-Eze stops lateral movement of the saddle, and the resulting pressure points.

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