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The Stephen’s Gel-Eze Non-slip pad. “5.0 out of 5 stars. Transformed my equestrian life!!”

March 16th, 2021

The Stephen’s Gel-Eze Non-slip pad is only 3mm thick, incorporating trace lines so you can shape the pad. The impact-absorption qualities of the gel are well known, and now we are retailing this innovative product that every horse owner should have!

Some of the qualities include:

Perforated to allow air flow
Lightweight and discreet
Prevents saddle slipping
Furthermore, GEL-EZE is non toxic, washable, reusable non-slip gel and is environmentally friendly.

It can fit most types of saddle as the non-slip pad can be cut and adjusted. Ideal for cob or round barrel horses, whose saddles are prone to slipping when mounting or whilst riding.

Here’s what customer Amber says-

“5.0 out of 5 stars Transformed my equestrian life!!”
“I bought this because the saddle was slipping round when my 4y/o jumped, but now use it on every horse, every time I ride. Can’t believe I ever rode without it! Particularly useful for young/cold backed horses who you can’t necessarily start with the girth too tight, but could still give you a decent rodeo challenge before you have a chance to do it up! I have also used it on racehorses and it made a MASSIVE difference. Gets stickier as the horse starts to sweat.”

Pete agrees:

“A 5-star product. Ideal for my rather shapeless pony. Washes well too!”

SHOP HERE. Just £29.30 at World Wide Tack. A hero product for the tack room!



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