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There’s so many girths available for horses! Which ones do I need?

August 31st, 2021

Have you seen the girth range we stock? Most horse owners only need a small amount of girths, and a good quality ones lasts a lifetime. We have three beautiful leather girths from the Stephen’s range, that represent quality craftsmanship and leatherwork. Our range is made in England – Stephens still maintains it’s ‘Made in England’ status on 99% of its leatherwork.

HUMANE GIRTHWe believe that fitting a girth is as serious as fitting a saddle; every horse has a girth groove, where a girth will lie. This groove rarely changes, although unfit horses can move their girth groove as they muscle up, and are trained to engage their hind limbs and use their abdominal muscles. The girth groove and type of girth has a substantial influence on saddle fit and stability, and we suggest purchasing a high quality girth, made from supple leather, like our own products, designed by the brand’s eponymous MD, Stephen Biddlecombe.

Sheepskin girth coverPolo Humane Balance Girth – (pictured left) this product includes strong nylon straps and stainless steel buckles. With a shaped and contoured design, it is beautifully padded so it is comfortable for your horse. The humane design of the buckles means you can carefully, gently and with balance each side, tighten the girth without discomfort – ideal for sensitive horses. Designed for use in polo, but useful for other disciplines, it’s brilliantly accompanied by our very own ‘Gonzalito’ Pieres Polo Saddle.
SHOP. Sizes 44″, 46″ and 48″ – Dark Havana leather available.

Stephens Padded Balance Girth – made in England from the best quality hide, this product comes in a standard width, with elastic at both ends. Our contoured design helps prevent the muscles being ‘blocked’, as the horse moves. It includes stainless steel fittings, plus rings and buckles for your martingale or training aid. Sizes 44″ – 56″ – Black or Havana leather available. SHOP.

(Brilliantly accompanied by Sheepskin Girth sleeves!).

These are tubular, Australian sheepskin girth covers for added protection and comfort. Four sizes – Natural, black and mocca colours available. 60 / 80” sizes.)

Studguard Girth – (pictured above, with the beautiful cover, described below) studgirths protect jumping horses’ girth area, when they have studs in. The Stephen’s Studguard girth for showjumpers is equipped with stainless steel metalwork. Anatomical shaping of a central plate helps the girth sit in the right place and prevents pinching, or your horse’s movement being hindered. The girth is contoured to avoid the sensitive area behind the elbow; hence, this provides more comfort to the horse. In addition, it includes a D-ring for training aids. Sizes 44″ and 56″ – Havana or Black leather available. (Goes beautifully with the Stephens Sheepskin Studguard Girth Cover – Australian sheepskin for added comfort and protection. Helps prevent chafing. One size only – Natural, black and mocca colours available.)

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