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Updated polo fixtures, post COVID-19. Plus, TOP SELLING polo products

May 6th, 2020

The British polo community has welcomed the news that a tentative British fixture list, post-COVID-19 pandemic, has been introduced in June due to the fact that England, France, and Spain have extended their lockdowns until at least week the week of May 7-11. Polo Line reported: ‘There is nothing left to do but to wait for each government to determine how this will impact polo.’

This lockdown lift could be composed of three stages. The first stage would start on or around May 11, when restrictions will be eased; a second phase is expected on around May 25, with more freedom; and a third stage will come on June 15, with less restrictions. The dates of the British polo season have been adapted based on this, and the HPA stated that the final word on whether a tournament is played or not will be confirmed at least a month before the fixture.

Regarding high goal, most of the players due to play in England still remain in the US, while others are in Argentina; only a small number are already in England. Some individuals and organisations still have their horses in Argentina. However, many of the high goal teams and patrons who aim to play in England are reportedly optimistic.

There is also a fair chance that perhaps those tournaments due in Europe could be played behind closed doors, like Ascot (June 16-20).


-Prince of Wales Trophy (Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club): June 13-20.

-Trippetts Challenge (Cowdray Park Polo Club): June 13-20.  

-Gold Cup for the British Open (Cowdray Park Polo Club): June 23 – July 19.

Naturally when fixtures do commence, especially with some ponies being newly acquired, there’s still a need for quality tack and apparel, and World Wide Tack has an excellent array of leading brands available.

Here are some of our most popular polo products:

Polo Overgirth Surcingle from Stephens

Polo overgirth Surcingle StephensThe polo overgirth surcingle is made here in the UK with traditional Argentine styled, non-stretch nylon webbing and English leather. It’s extremely durable and heavy duty, adding safety and stability, so is ideal for polo.

It perfectly complements the Stephens ‘Gonzalito’ Polo Saddle.

One size only.

Available in 5 colours.

Stephen’s Gonzalito Polo Saddle 

Stephens Gonzalito Polo SaddleThis saddle is endorsed and used by Gonzalito Pieres, the fifth best player in the world.

He was pivotal in the design, production and feel of the new Stephens saddle, which has been christened the ‘Gonzalito’.

“I really like the style and design. It sits very well on the horse’s back, doesn’t move and is very comfortable for both horse and rider.

The light weight is a big bonus too,” Gonzalito Pieres says.

Polo Standing Martingale

Polo Standing MartingaleThis is lined with chrome leather for extra strength.

It is ideal for polo and one size only.

In dark Havana leather with white stitching to match our Polo range.

The Bombers Big Ring Gag 

Snaffle GagThis Bombers polo bit is stronger than the usual Loose Ring and Eggbutt, as the ropes going through the rings to create leverage, which will exert more pressure through the mouthpiece, whilst at the same time introducing more poll pressure.

The big ring creates more leverage, making it stronger than the small ring version.

All of these bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it oxidises easily & encourages salivation. 135mm mouthpiece.

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*England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands