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Oster Clipper Blade No. 10, 1.5mm


Oster Clipper Blade No. 10, 1.5mm

Cryogenically treated blade for additional wear and resistance even in professional use. These blades are designed to glide through hair for tug free grooming and are the only blade in the industry with an antimicrobial coating to protect against a range of bacteria for better hygiene.

  • Built in AgION® Antimicrobial protection reduces the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Blades are cryogenically treated for additional wear resistance

Oster No 10 Blade is a popular blade for horse and dog grooming and is great for clipping tummy & genital area, face on poodles, Cockers and Terriers, and most cat clippings.

Also used for clipping horses around fidley areas and legs leaving a clean finish.

Suitable for all machines taking the A5 snap on system.

The Oster No 10 clipper blade leaves 1.5mm of hair on the animal.

Product Code: O10
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