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Segundo Pelham


Segundo Pelham

The Segundo Pelham alleviates tongue pressure while keeping an even pressure on the bars of the mouth, encouraging the horse to stay light to the contact. Horses find it difficult to lean on this mouthpiece or put their tongue over the bit.

Some riders, not very skilled at handling two sets of reins, prefer to use rein connectors. These are leather loops which connect from one ring to the other on the bit shank. The rein is then attached to this rounding.

The Pelham 55 has the shortest shank (55 mm) out of our range. As a result, this will soften poll pressure and leverage on the mouthpiece and curb.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece is warm and sweet because it oxidises easily. It is designed to produce salivation and help the horse to accept the bit and comfortably relax his jaw. The Segundo Pelham from Bombers Bits can be used with two reins or pelham roundings.

This bit can work well on horses that have a narrow jaw, those who find straight bar bits uncomfortable on their tongue and those that tend to lean on the contact.

Product Code: BBSP1




Pelham 55 Segundo