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Happy 20th Birthday Gel-Eze!

February 1st, 2022

Gel Eze products, which include leg wraps and a wide range of under saddle pads, are made from a high-grade polymer with secret ingredients added that gives Gel Eze its own unique ‘DNA’.

The range is 20 years old this year, and has gone from strength to strength, with many (pale) imitations following in its wake! (However, ours is the original and best gel-based product on the market!)

“I came across the gel product with my business associate, Mario Fraticelli,” explains our MD Stephen Biddlecombe, who developed the iconic product.

“It was being used for racing bicycle seats, yet I knew from my experience as a horse rider, and also as a wholesaler and distributor of equestrian products, that it had a place within our market too.”

Stephen subsequently approached the manufacturers and developed a mould for the first product, the Gel Eze Under Bandage. (Priced at £15.30 and pictured below.)

“It was the first of its kind to be used in the equine industry in a stable form – previously, all therapeutic gel pads had to be in sealed packaging, due to their liquid form,” says Stephen (pictured above).

“This fantastic material was non toxic, possessed the shock absorbing characteristics of a liquid, but could be placed directly on the horse’s back and onto the legs.”

Gel Eze Under Bandage

In addition to being a wholesaler for Gel Eze, Stephen is also a leader in the field in the use of sheepskin saddle pads; for Stephen, it was only a matter of time before the two products – gel and sheepskin – were incorporated.

“We have very successfully combined the Gel Eze products with our range of Stephens saddle pads,” he states.

“A popular seller in Europe is the Gel-Eze Sheepskin Pad with Gel Eze Comfort Cushions, which protects the shoulder area and the point of the saddle tree. (Pictured below – priced £114.60).

The pads are very popular with riders of big-moving horses that have a lot of extension at the shoulder when they jump, as the Gel-Eze stops lateral movement of the saddle, and the resulting pressure points.

Many riders have remarked to us that their horses’ backs are much more ‘free’ when jumping when a Gel Eze® pad is used.”

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